The monthly rent

It is a service specialized in renting vehicles with a trained driver and cars with specifications that match government agencies for the distribution of refrigerated and frozen products. What distinguishes us at Road is that we provide rental contracts for short periods of a week or a month without a penalty clause (depending on the duration of the contract)  and it is distinguished by the following:

Provides a fleet of various sizes of 1-ton buses, 4-tons, 5-tons, 6-tons, 10-tons, and 25-tons.

Creating a logistical plan for distributing refrigerated and frozen products with our operating experts, whose experience extends more than 10 years from international companies in logistics services.

Road's logistics team follows up and helps you throughout the month to solve your problems

Drivers are trained and experienced in the field and have the ability to deal with the customer's technology

Provides vehicle tracking during distribution

Provides certified temperature reports during work

Possibility of renting within and between cities of the Kingdom

The car is at your disposal throughout the month, and in the event of breakdowns or accidents, we provide you with an alternative car as well as another trained driver.

You can set the dates for receiving and delivering your shipments according to what suits you and your customers

Possibility of renting within and between cities of the Kingdom

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