Road Pallet - App

The first application in the service of delivering pallets in a smooth and innovative way. High quality service at competitive prices makes your shipping experience easier and more economical You can now request pallet shipping easily and effortlessly. In just 60 seconds, you can create the order and obtain the bill of lading. All you have to do is open the application, specify the shipping date and the number of pallets you want to ship, and then specify the receiving location and the delivery location. You can also easily add recipient and sender data, and choose the appropriate cooling degree for the shipment

"Download the app now and start experiencing easier and faster charging"

When you complete your order, our truck will arrive to you equipped to receive the pallets (pallet weight up to 600 kg), and they will be transported directly to the specified location for door-to-door delivery. 

with Road Pallet You can track your shipment throughout the shipping stages from order creation and receipt to delivery with ease and benefit from significant savings on shipping costs. Join us today and enjoy a new and innovative pallet delivery experience.

You can pay easily and safely through smart payment technologies such as Apple Pay، visa,master، mada and others.

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