About us

Road Company Limited is a 100% Saudi company with a Saudi capital, managed by ambitious young Saudis with high efficiency, with the goal of creativity to serve their homeland Saudi Arabia and the development of the road transport industry to compete with the countries that preceded us in this field and the advancement of their company to put it in the ranks of major transportation companies to provide a safe and high-end service To our valued customers

The management of Road Company Limited won by the Professor
Loay bin Saad bin Saud Al-Zuhair
The Kingdom’s most innovative entrepreneurs award


More than 4500 shimpent every month


We deliver to more than 70 city


Equipped trucks

Why us?

We provide complete cold logisitc services to our clients

  • Road is licensed company from Ministry of Transport
  • All our trucks are approved from Saudi FDA
  • Deliver to more than 70 cities iside the kingdom
  • Shipment Insurance
  • Complete and comprehensive logistics solutions
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